Mission Statement

We are delighted that you have chosen our studio for your dance education.

At Accentz Dance Studio, we seek to provide excellence in dance training from 2 years old through to the adult, and the beginner to advanced student; whether or not the student intends to become a professional dancer. This instruction is achieved through individual and group instruction where students are trained in correct dance techniques, are inspired to be creative and learn to be their best.

Accentz promotes a family atmosphere, where students can express themselves through dance, learn self-discipline, gain self-esteem, and, where students can meet their peers and form common bonds of friendship that will last them throughout their school years and into their adult futures. There are two different routes you can take with us at Accentz. You can join our fun filled recreational program, which has classes for all ages, levels, dance styles, boys and girls. Or for the more serious dancer, we have our competitive and exam program. This program requires commitment and usually several hours of dance training each week.

Please check the board and website for studio holidays throughout the year. Accentz Dance Studio follows the school district 22 calendar with the exception of Pro Days when there WILL be dance classes. All studio newsletters will be sent via email and a master copy will be posted at the studio. If you do not check email, please make every effort to check the studio notice board regularly.


Meet our studio physiotherapists

Alex Vanneste

Alex is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Saskatchewan. When he’s not at the clinic, you’ll most likely find Alex riding a bike. Alex is fascinated by high-level sport and has a special interest in working with athletes of all sorts.